Don’t Forget to Clean Your Gutters This Fall

Cleaning Gutters The fall season is quickly come to a close, and if you haven’t taken the time to get outside to clean your gutters yet, you should strongly consider doing it right away. If you don’t clean your gutters out every fall–and in some cases, depending on where you live, every spring—you could potentially be forced to deal with a litany of issues in the foreseeable future. Clogged gutters can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home and ruin everything from your roofing to your siding.

When you fail to clean your gutters out, leaves, sticks, dirt, debris, and more can build up in the them and prevent water from running cleanly through your gutter system. This water can build up in your gutters over time and stay there. It can spill out over the sides and run down the side of your home, and it can also freeze when the temperatures dip below zero and result in ice dams and icicles forming. These things can cause your gutters to pull away from your home, and they can also cause your gutters to fall off due to all of the extra weight they bring.

In addition to damaging the gutter themselves, clogged gutters can cause issues with your roof. Your roof can sustain damage and start to rot when it’s exposed to water all the time. The water from your gutters can also spill and land below, pooling around your foundation. This can lead to foundation troubles down the line, which can be incredibly costly and put the structural integrity of your entire home at risk. Standing water in gutters can also attract pests and make your home very unpleasant.

Not cleaning your gutters out in the fall can lead to a real nightmare. So you should make time to do it. You should also call on Roofing By Bruce at the first sign of trouble with your gutters or roofing. We can make repairs and help you with all of your gutter needs, including gutter repairs, gutter guards, gutter cleaning, and gutter repitching. Call us at 570-424-7250 today to schedule an appointment.


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The Benefits of Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar shake roofs You can choose from many different types of roofing when it comes time to install a new roof on your home. One of your options is cedar shake, which is a kind of roofing that will make the exterior of your house look rustic. Whether you prefer red, brown, or gold cedar shake, you can totally transform your home’s appearance and enjoy a bunch of great benefits that come along with having a cedar shake roof. Check out some of them below.

Weather Resistance

The weather can wreak havoc on a roof. Wind can blow shingles all over the place, the sun can beat down on a roof and force it to fade and heavy rain and snow can compromise the integrity of it. However, when you have a cedar shake roof, you won’t really have to worry about any of these things since cedar shake is very resistant to the weather. It can deal with moisture, UV rays, and even insects that might try to damage it. It will stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws its way.


Cedar is one of the toughest woods on the planet. So why not put it in the one place on your home where you will definitely value the strength it will provide? Cedar shake roofs are built to last, and they will prove their durability over time. You will get the peace of mind that comes along with having a strong roof over your head when you opt for cedar shake.


Outside of providing strength, cedar is also known for being a natural insulator, which comes in handy when you install it on a roof. During the summer, your home will be cooler because of your cedar shake roof, and in the winter, it will stay warmer. You can expect to see your heating and cooling costs go down significantly when you rely on cedar shake roofing.

Does a cedar shake roof sound like a good option for you? Let Roofing by Bruce tell you more about installing one. Call us at 570-424-7250 today to hear about why cedar shake is such a good choice.


Here’s Why You Should Consider Window Replacements

Window Replacements When is the last time that you replaced the windows in your home? If you don’t know the answer, there’s a really good chance that it’s been entirely too long since you’ve had window replacement done. And that means that you are missing out on all of the amazing benefits that go along with doing it. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can enjoy when you decide to have your windows replaced.

They will be more energy efficient than your current windows.

Windows have come a long way over the course of the last decade or so. Just about every window manufacturer puts a premium on making their windows energy efficient these days, which means you will be able to save money on your electric bills by installing windows that control the climate in your home effectively. You won’t have to worry about cool air escaping in the summertime or warm air leaking out in the wintertime when you have new windows installed in your home.

They will keep the sun’s harmful UV rays out of your home.

Much like they have made energy efficiency more of a priority when it comes to creating new windows, window manufacturers have also found ways to make windows that offer improved levels of UV protection. This will prevent your carpets, furniture, walls, and more from fading due to sunlight coming in through your windows. There are so many great options available when you start shopping around for new windows for your home.

They will increase the value of your home.

Regardless of which windows you ultimately decide to install in your home, they will have an instant impact on your home’s value. Home buyers love to see new windows in homes, especially windows that offer things like energy efficiency and UV protection. So your investment in new windows will pay off quickly.

Regardless of whether you want to replace one window in your home or all of the windows, Bruce’s Central is here to help. Call us at 570-424-8891 today to find out about our window installation services.

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Reasons to Have Your Chimney Professionally Inspected

Chimney ServicesWhen is the last time you had your chimney checked by a professional? For most people it has been “a while.” What are some key reasons to have your chimney looked at?

First, consider this: over time cracks may occur in your chimney’s flue, which is the inside liner of the chimney unit. The flue normally carries heat, smoke and toxic fumes up and out of your house. If there are cracks in the flue, guess where all that’s going to end up? In a nutshell, it won’t be a good thing! Meanwhile, sometimes the flue cap at the top goes missing or gets damaged. When that happens, water drips down into the flue and this can cause it to deteriorate– again, not good.

Speaking of cracks, sometimes cracks develop in the masonry that’s essentially “holding it up.” Brick chimneys’ masonry should be checked periodically in order to ensure there aren’t any cracks that could cause the whole thing to fall down. Furthermore, a chimney’s damper should be checked, too, to make sure it’s able to open and close properly.

Be Aware of Creosote

Have you heard of creosote? It’s basically a substance that builds up over time, coming from burning wood. Too much buildup of creosote could lead to a fire within the chimney. Professional inspectors always check for creosote buildup, and can clean it out if needed. It’s a main reason people get a “chimney sweep.”

Did you know animals like squirrels and raccoons often like to find their way into chimneys and make a nest? Obviously, their nests should be removed before you decide to light a fire. A professional can check to see if any animals have burrowed into parts of your chimney unit.

Bruce’s Chimney Service of East Stroudsburg, PA, does chimney cleaning as well as chimney repair. Would you like an experienced contractor to come talk a look at your chimney to make sure it’s in good working order? Please schedule an appointment. Bruce’s Chimney Service offers digital evaluations and can then do relinings, repointings, and flashing/flue repair as necessary. For more information, please call 570-424-7250 or email

Tips For Winterizing Your Roof

Winterizing Your Roof The winter months can wreak havoc on the roof of your home. Between dumping snow on it and subjecting it to freezing-cold temperatures, you can run into all sorts of roofing issues in the wintertime if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your rough survives another winter. Check out a few tips for winterizing your roof below.

Clean debris out of your gutters.

During the fall, your gutters can quickly fill up with leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris. This can create clogs in your gutter system and make it difficult for water to make its way out of them when it rains. In the event that the water doesn’t leave your gutters, it will often freeze once winter starts and block your gutters completely. It can then cause snow and water to pile up on your roof and pull your gutters away from your home. This can lead to a lot of damage, which is why it’s easier to just clean your gutters out in the first place.

Check the insulation in your attic.

Does your attic have enough insulation in it? If not, it can affect the ventilation in your attic space and lead to heat loss through your roof. This can cause ice dams and icicles to form off your roof and do damage to it. The fall is a good time to inspect your attic to see if the insulation is doing its job. Replacing your insulation might save you from issues with your roofing in the winter.

Trimming trees hanging over your roof.

When snow and ice forms on tree branches, it can make them very heavy and cause them to break and fall during the winter. Therefore, you don’t want to have any branches hanging over your house in the winter. If you notice them in the fall, you should take the time to trim them so that your roof isn’t at risk of getting hit by a falling branch in the winter. A small amount of trimming can prevent a giant issue with falling branches.

Do you need help with any aspect of your roof before winter hits? Bruce’s Central has experienced roofers who are ready to inspect and repair roofs prior to the winter season. Call us at 570-424-7250 to schedule our roofing services.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal RoofBuilding a new roof or replacing an existing one is a major and important undertaking. With several kinds of materials to choose from, picking the best option can be overwhelming. While the idea of a metal roof might not immediately come to mind, its popularity is on the rise because of its durability, longevity, and versatility.


Roofs need to be able to stand up against the elements and metal is a great resilient material to do just that. Metal roofs have been proven to survive everything from heavy rain and snowfall to fire to pests. Some can even sustain wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour! Metal roofs are also resistant to erosion and cracking, and depending on the type of metal you select it can even be impact-resistant. Because of these durable characteristics, metal roofs also don’t require as much periodic maintenance that other roofing materials do.


Metal roofs are the perfect choice for the long haul. While your average wood or asphalt shingle roofs will last anywhere from 15-30 years, metal roofs can last for 60-70 years! Since metal roofs are less likely to rot, crack, experience mold growth and other harmful issues that most roofs are, metal roofs end up having a much longer lifespan. That longer lifespan will save you from costly repair and replace costs. Metal roofs can even help you save on energy costs during the warmer months, as metal will reflect heat from the sun.


Metal roofs have come a long way from their industrial beginnings. Today, you can customize the color and design of your metal roof to achieve just the look you’re hoping for. Metal roofs can even mimic traditional styles like shingles and slate.

If you have any roofing questions, contact Bruce’s Central today.

How to Keep Your Roof in Tiptop Shape

Roofing Maintenance Certain roofs seem to last longer. Why is that? There are several reasons one person’s roof stays in good shape while another person’s roof needs repairs or replacement sooner than later.

For starters, if your roof is near leafy trees, you’ll probably notice the leaves end up discoloring your shingles over time. Moss and other stuff may end up growing on roofs where wet leaves congregate over time. One solution to keeping your roof in good shape is to have any trees close to the house cut down or at least trimmed so their branches and leaves don’t interfere with the roof’s overall well-being. Imagine a giant branch overhanging onto your roof, hitting it every time the wind blows– that’s bound to do some damage, right?

If tree leaves and branches don’t mess with your roof, then water’s another potential problem that could cause you to need a whole new roof. Water needs to be whisked away off the roof rather than linger there. Your downspouts and gutters need to be working properly at all times, including during cold, icy winters, in order for your roof to function at its best. Anytime water accumulates on a roof, that’s not a good thing!

While you may feel you can see your roof from down below, the reality is that it’s better to have a professional climb up there once a year or so and take a look around, seeing if there are any problems or potential problems, such as a raccoon making a nest up there or some missing shingles you cannot see from down below. People who have their roofs checked by a professional on an annual or semi-annual basis are bound to have roofs that stay in good shape over the years simply because they’re being checked instead of forgotten.

Finally, ventilation is truly key if you want to maintain a good roof over time. For instance, if you notice cracking or curling of shingles, then something’s amiss with your ventilation.

Want to have Roofing by Bruce come and inspect your roof to assess how it’s currently doing and whether or not it’ll need repairs or replacing anytime soon? Please call Roofing by Bruce today at 570-424-7250.


The Advantages of Adding Skylights to Your Home

Skylights Are you making an effort to make your home as energy efficient as possible? Installing skylights is one great way to do it. When you have skylights in your home, you won’t have to worry about turning the lights on during the day. This will help cut down on the amount of energy that you use, and it will save you money in the process. In some cases, skylights can also be used to trim your cooling costs since opening them can make a big difference in a warm home. Here are some of the other benefits that you will enjoy when you have skylights installed.

Your home will get lots of natural light.

There are a lot of people who wish that they could get more natural light in their homes. Nevertheless, this can be difficult in certain rooms. Skylights allow for more natural light to enter homes because of where they are positioned. They can also make rooms feel more open and airy once they are installed.

Your home will be ventilated better.

Many homes feel warm and stuffy during the spring and summer because they don’t get enough ventilation. Even when the windows are open, warm air ends up getting trapped inside of homes and making them uncomfortable. Skylights provide for better ventilation because they push warm air up and out of homes and allow for cooler, fresher air to replace it. You will notice an immediate difference when you have skylights installed in your home.

Your home will be more private.

There are certain rooms in your home, like bathrooms, where you want a lot of natural light but you don’t want large windows that allow for all of your neighbors to look into your home. Skylights make it easy to get as much natural light into rooms as possible without using regular windows. You can maintain your privacy in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms without having to sacrifice light.

Would you like to install skylights in your home, or do you have existing skylights that need to be repaired? Roofing by Bruce can assist you with all of your skylight needs. Call us at 570-424-8891 today for more information on the services we can provide for you.

The Importance of Having Your Chimney Inspected

Chimney There’s nothing like coming home at the end of a long day and building a fire in the fireplace inside of your house. It can create a relaxing environment for you and your family and keep your home warm in the wintertime. Nevertheless, if you plan on using the fireplace in your home on a regular basis, you need to have your chimney inspected and maintained properly every year. It could prevent a catastrophe from taking place. Here are three reasons you need to have your chimney inspected.

A chimney inspection can prevent a chimney fire from taking place.

Over time, the inside of your chimney can get clogged up with creosote, a substance that looks a lot like tar and is a byproduct of burning pieces of wood in a fireplace. If this creosote builds up enough, it can actually catch on fire and produce a chimney fire that you may not even detect until it’s too late. Chimney fires can cause damage to the walls of a home and the roof, and if you don’t catch them in time, they can even burn down your entire home. A chimney inspector will be able to detect the buildup of creosote and do something about it.

A chimney inspection can keep carbon monoxide out of your home.

If your chimney is clogged up with creosote or the flue inside of your chimney isn’t working properly, the carbon monoxide that is created when you start a fire won’t have any way to get out of your home. Therefore, it will often build up inside of your house, and it can cause serious illnesses and sometimes even death. Thousands of people die due to carbon monoxide poisoning every year, and many of those deaths are tied to chimneys. It’s why you should have your chimney inspected before using your fireplace regularly.

A chimney inspection can stop smoke from doing damage to your fireplace.

In addition to putting your family at risk for a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, a malfunctioning chimney can also cause smoke damage to your fireplace. A chimney that is backed up with creosote and soot will often send smoke back into a home. This smoke can damage the front of your fireplace as well as any furniture and carpeting surrounding your fireplace. It can result in a big mess inside of your house.

All of these chimney issues can be very serious. Fortunately, you can prevent them easily by having a chimney inspection done. Roofing by Bruce can inspect your chimney for you, clean it, and perform any repairs that need to be completed. Call us at 570-424-7250 today to set up a chimney inspection.

Should You Be Concerned About Moss on Your Roof?

Moss on RoofMoss on your roof can be a common occurrence, especially during rainy, humid weather. While moss may seem harmless, it can actually cause serious damage to your roof.

What Is Moss?

Moss is a plant that thrives in wet environments and can grow just about anywhere. When its spores become airborne, they often land on roofs and collect in the spaces between shingles. Moss will grow the most in areas of the roof that are shaded and/or do not receive much sun exposure. If these areas are not dried out, the moss will soak up the rainwater like a sponge.

What Does Moss Do to Roofs?

Because of all the moisture it holds, moss can cause mold and decay. Depending on the severity of the moss growth, the damage could even affect the structure of your house or cause leaks, which can lead to mold and decay inside the home. From major roof issues to cosmetic repairs, treating moss on your roof can be extensive and costly if left unchecked.

How Can I Get Rid of Moss On My Roof?

There are several methods for removing moss from your roof. If your moss issue is not severe, you can try using a brush or broom to remove it. If you have a more significant amount of growth, you can try installing zinc or copper flashing, which dissolves in the rain and kills the moss.

The best way to assess and treat moss on your roof, however, is to contact a professional. If you’re in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, enlist the help of your neighborhood experts at Roofing by Bruce. From inspections to installations, Roofing by Bruce can handle any of your roofing needs. Contact us today!