Don’t Forget to Clean Your Gutters This Fall

Cleaning Gutters The fall season is quickly come to a close, and if you haven’t taken the time to get outside to clean your gutters yet, you should strongly consider doing it right away. If you don’t clean your gutters out every fall–and in some cases, depending on where you live, every spring—you could potentially be forced to deal with a litany of issues in the foreseeable future. Clogged gutters can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home and ruin everything from your roofing to your siding.

When you fail to clean your gutters out, leaves, sticks, dirt, debris, and more can build up in the them and prevent water from running cleanly through your gutter system. This water can build up in your gutters over time and stay there. It can spill out over the sides and run down the side of your home, and it can also freeze when the temperatures dip below zero and result in ice dams and icicles forming. These things can cause your gutters to pull away from your home, and they can also cause your gutters to fall off due to all of the extra weight they bring.

In addition to damaging the gutter themselves, clogged gutters can cause issues with your roof. Your roof can sustain damage and start to rot when it’s exposed to water all the time. The water from your gutters can also spill and land below, pooling around your foundation. This can lead to foundation troubles down the line, which can be incredibly costly and put the structural integrity of your entire home at risk. Standing water in gutters can also attract pests and make your home very unpleasant.

Not cleaning your gutters out in the fall can lead to a real nightmare. So you should make time to do it. You should also call on Roofing By Bruce at the first sign of trouble with your gutters or roofing. We can make repairs and help you with all of your gutter needs, including gutter repairs, gutter guards, gutter cleaning, and gutter repitching. Call us at 570-424-7250 today to schedule an appointment.


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Why Does Gutter Pitch Matter?

Are the gutters on your home pitched properly? No, we’re not asking how well they sing, but instead if they’re angled at the correct pitch to ensure proper drainage.

Gutter Pitch As long as the gutters are still hanging on your home and collecting water when it rains, you probably think that they are doing their job. But the truth is that the pitch or slope of your gutters might be off ever so slightly, and as a result, you could be at an increased risk for strained gutter connections, standing water problems or other concerns – and you might not even realize it! It’s why having your gutter pitch checked every so often is a good idea.

The pitch of your gutters refers to the downward slant that they take in the direction of the downspout that dictates how quickly water flows through them. If they aren’t sloped enough in a downward direction, rainwater will often pool inside of your gutters and stay there until there’s enough water in them to allow it to start spilling over the sides. But if they’re sloped too much, it will cause rainwater to rush through your gutter system too quickly. Since the rainwater can’t accumulate properly if the slope is too steep, water can splash over the edge and lead to water spilling along your home’s exterior or down the foundation.

In both of these situations, the water running off the sides of the gutters instead of down through your downspouts means that you will often find water pooling near your home. This water can eventually cause damage to your foundation or work down into your basement, causing flooding and water damage. Even in a best-case scenario, you’re likely to have stagnant water sitting in your yard that could be a breeding ground for insects or damage your landscaping.

The good news is that you can prevent all of these problems simply by having your gutter pitch inspected. Roofing by Bruce can take a look at your gutters, check the pitch, and tell you whether or not you could benefit from having your gutters repaired, replaced or simply repitched. You might not be thrilled by the idea of spending money on your gutters when they look fine to the naked eye, but you could end up saving yourself quite a bit of money by checking your gutter system and making sure that everything is working as it should. Contact Roofing by Bruce at 570-424-8891 today to schedule an inspection of your gutters.

Get Gutter Guards and Keep Your Drainage Clear

With fall right around the corner, that means the trees will be changing color and the days will get shorter and colder. It will also mean that we’re only a short time away from leaves falling off the trees and into our yards and gutters. So to keep those leaves, twigs and other plant life out of your gutters, invest in gutter guards.

Gutter GuardAlong with leaves, trees branches start to become more brittle as the weather turns cool, meaning that small twigs and sticks can easily fall on our roofs and end up in our gutters. I turn, this can lead can lead to water building up, damaging gutters from the extra weight and even leading to roof issues in extreme cases.

Gutter guards can keep these items from building up and damaging your gutters and roof. They are placed over top of your gutters and have small perforations that allow water to pass through while blocking leaves and other debris.

Having gutters guards installed also helps turn cleaning out your gutters a chore of the past. With these guards keeping debris out of your drainage channels, you won’t have to climb up on a ladder and spend your day picking out waterlogged twigs and decomposing leaves. You could instead spend that time enjoying other things the season offers, such as fall festivals or the start of football season.

Installing gutter guards can also help prevent possible damage from blockages. In turn, this helps you save money on gutter fixes or even roof repairs from water damage.

Roofing by Bruce offers numerous roofing services throughout the Pennsylvania Poconos, including roofing installation and gutter maintenance and repairs to keep your homes roof in great shape. If you would like more information, give us a call today at 570-424-7250!

What is Gutter Repitching?

Gutter RepitchingIf you’re a homeowner, the gutters of your home undoubtedly clog from time to time. However, if you’re finding that they are starting to clog and back up more often than usual, it might be time to have your gutters re-pitched.

If your gutters continue to clog, it’s most often due to the collection of debris, such as leaves and twigs. These build up which leads to any water the gutter collecting. In turn, the weight of standing water and other material puts more stress on the gutters, which can cause sections to sag or even come apart, pulling portions down in areas where water pools. This unevenness of the gutter only exacerbates problems, trapping even more debris and water and preventing proper drainage to the downspout.

That’s where repitching comes in. With gutter repitching, your gutters are refit and placed with a defined slope that ensures water will run down the gutter into the downspout and away from the foundation of the home. A roofer places small metal bars along the gutter, connecting them to the home and adjusting the gutter angle to help brace the gutter in the proper position for effective draining. By doing this, you will no longer put extra stress on your gutters.

Most gutters today are made of aluminum, a very light material. This means it is not only cheap, but can easily be manipulated as well. If your home is surrounded by trees, a simple windstorm could cause a ton leaves and twigs to enter the gutter and back it up and even deform the gutter’s shape. If the gutter were to be repitched, though, the leaves and twigs wouldn’t be as great of a problem as the improved angling and extra support ensures that rain and debris drains away effectively.

For all of your gutter needs, trust the experts at Roofing by Bruce. We offer gutter installation, repair and repitching services for homes in East Stroudsburg and throughout the Pennsylvania region. For more information on our services or to set up an appointment for your gutters, call us at 570-424-7250 today!


Gutters: A Brief History

With winter weather on its way, many of us have already gone through and gotten our homes ready by doing such things cleaning our gutters. While you’re doing up on the roof, though, have you ever wondered where the idea for gutters came from? If you have, here is a short history lesson on the origin of gutters.
It all started back in ancient times when the need to collect rainwater for drinking and channel water for irrigation arose. Using wooden gutters, rainwater would be funneled into barrels for bathing, washing and watering crops. These early gutters were originally made from old growth cedar, notes, but the supply of it started to run short. This caused builders to instead turn to using new cedar or hemlock wood lined with zinc that helped the gutters last longer.
History of GuttersIn the 20th century, steel became the material of choice for gutters. With a much greater strength and resistance to rotting, steel was a preferred choice – at least for a few years. Following World War II, aluminum became much more widely available and became the primary material for gutters due to its light weight and durability.
Aluminum gutter production really took off in the 1960s with the invention of seamless aluminum gutters. Using a specially developed machine that held a roll of aluminum at one end, continuous gutters could be quickly produces in a variety of lengths. This made designing perfectly fit gutters a much simpler process and led to many homes adding these new, affordable gutters. In fact, these reliable gutters were so popular and durable that descendants of the earliest seamless gutters are still installed and in use at more than 70 percent of homes today.
Whether you need a new gutter installed or your existing gutter repaired, the team at Roofing By Bruce can help. For more information on our gutter installation and repair services, or any of our other roofing services, give us a call today at 570-424-7250!