Here’s Why You Should Consider Window Replacements

Window Replacements When is the last time that you replaced the windows in your home? If you don’t know the answer, there’s a really good chance that it’s been entirely too long since you’ve had window replacement done. And that means that you are missing out on all of the amazing benefits that go along with doing it. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can enjoy when you decide to have your windows replaced.

They will be more energy efficient than your current windows.

Windows have come a long way over the course of the last decade or so. Just about every window manufacturer puts a premium on making their windows energy efficient these days, which means you will be able to save money on your electric bills by installing windows that control the climate in your home effectively. You won’t have to worry about cool air escaping in the summertime or warm air leaking out in the wintertime when you have new windows installed in your home.

They will keep the sun’s harmful UV rays out of your home.

Much like they have made energy efficiency more of a priority when it comes to creating new windows, window manufacturers have also found ways to make windows that offer improved levels of UV protection. This will prevent your carpets, furniture, walls, and more from fading due to sunlight coming in through your windows. There are so many great options available when you start shopping around for new windows for your home.

They will increase the value of your home.

Regardless of which windows you ultimately decide to install in your home, they will have an instant impact on your home’s value. Home buyers love to see new windows in homes, especially windows that offer things like energy efficiency and UV protection. So your investment in new windows will pay off quickly.

Regardless of whether you want to replace one window in your home or all of the windows, Bruce’s Central is here to help. Call us at 570-424-8891 today to find out about our window installation services.

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Freeze Frame: Window Frame Materials Could Be Zapping Your Heat

Window Frame MaterialsHeating your home in the winter can be a real challenge when the temperature drops down below freezing. And it can be especially challenging when you have windows with frames that don’t hold heat in and insulate your home as well as they should. In fact, you could be losing a significant amount of heat and driving your heating costs up in the wintertime if you have certain types of window frames in your home.

Many people have window frames that are made of aluminum or metal and they are, by far, the worst kinds of window frames to have in the winter. These types of frames conduct heat very quickly and do not insulate your home very well. Metal window frames can be sapping warmth from your home, making your heating system have to work harder – and burn more fuel – to keep your home warm.

Composite frames, which are made out of composite wood products, and wood frames are both better options than metal frames when it comes to holding heat in. These window frames also offer a nicer aesthetic look much of the time, but come with the drawback of expanding and contracting depending on what the weather is like outside, which can cause heat loss throughout the day and night.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that the best option for homes in cold-weather climates is fiberglass or vinyl. These styles of window frames create a complete seal and can be filled with insulation to offer greater resilience from the conditions outside. They are thermally superior to other options and will offer the greatest performance in even the toughest winter conditions.

If you are thinking about replacing the window frames in your home to combat the cold this winter, Weather Tite Windows & Siding can help you do it. We specialize in window and siding repair and would be more than happy to check out your current window frames to see how you can preserve more of your heat in the future. You could start saving money immediately with window frame repair or replacement and drastically improve the comfort level in your home in all seasons. Call us at 570-424-8891 today to schedule a consultation.

Repair or Replace? What to Do with Your Windows

To repair or replace your home’s windows – that is the question.
If you’re having a hard time deciding whether to repair or replace your windows, remember this saying: “out with the old, in with the new.” Now, getting rid of everything that’s old in your home isn’t always the best choice, however, when it comes to windows and how much time and money you spend on maintaining them, it’s very fitting.
To help make your decision easier, ask yourself the following questions:
• Are your home’s windows drafty?
• Is condensation constantly blocking your view outside?
• Are your energy bills higher than they should be?
• Do you need help cutting down on your energy bills?
• Are you constantly fixing windows that don’t open and close properly?
Window ReplacementIf you answered, “yes” to any of these questions – or all of them – we have a solution for you: window replacement. By replacing your home’s windows, you won’t have to worry about answering “yes” to these questions for a very long time. Older windows are bound to cause you problems at some point or another. Whether they don’t open as easily as they should or your windows are single-pane or poorly sealed, these types of problems are inevitable. By replacing your windows, however, you have free reign to choose the type of windows you want, including sliding, double-hung, bay or bow, awning, casement or any other style. There are so many different styles to choose from; the sky’s the limit!
Replacing the windows in your home can also help save on your energy bill expenses, increase the value of your home, and enhance your family’s comfort indoors. It’s a win for everyone!
Now is the time to consider making window replacement decisions, as well. Spring and summer are the best times of the year to replace your home’s windows while the temperatures are more mild, meaning that removing and replacing windows is a simpler prospect. Plus, adding new windows at this time of year can help you save on your cooling costs this summer, not to mention heating expenses in the future.
On the other hand, if your home’s windows are brand new or a few years old and cause you very little trouble, repairing is the route to go. Making minor repairs here and there can either be done on your own or by a professional for a very low cost. Whether you’re repairing or removing broken glass, fixing windows that get stuck during the warmer months, or sealing space around a loose or drafty window that may have settled since installation, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money by making repairs to otherwise perfectly sound windows.
So what will you choose to do with your home’s windows? If you need a little extra help with the decision-making process, it doesn’t hurt to get an extra opinion. A specialist from Weather Tite Windows & Siding can come to your home and meet with you to review your existing windows and help you compare different options and the various windows styles available for your unique situation. To learn more or to request an on-site consultation, call us today at 570-424-8891.